Project Management

We have a solid track record of guiding projects to be fully completed on time and within budget. As business owners ourselves with projects and deadlines, we understand the need for clear and realistic expectations from project managers.

Business Skills AND Technical Skills

Far too often a company is forced to pick between a good business manager and a good technical manager. Usually companies will go for the business manager, but they still suffer from a lack of subject matter expertise. We select those few superb technically skilled individuals who are also able to manage and motivate teams of people around them. In the technical arena, this is no small feat. Having the patience to follow through on the administrative/process side of the project management as well as being able to make essential technical decisions make us stand apart from all other IT companies.

Technology as a Business Solution

We approach project management primarily from a business perspective. At the end of the day, if the project doesn't realize a return on investment for the company, it must surely fail. At every step of the way we make sure the project makes sense for the company as both a technical and a business solution.

It's All About People

In the technical industry, finding truly proficient project and business managers who are technically expert is also a traditional challenge. Communication and leadership issues are at the forefront of most management concerns. We only use industry proven veterans who have delivered time and time again for many clients, who have great people skills and inspire people to follow them. When the communication and ideas start flowing and designers and developers feel inspired, it's amazing what can be accomplished.