Consulting Solutions

We do our best to take a common sense, simple and straightforward approach to solving problems, but in the real world, problems are hardly ever solved with a simple solution. Many times companies and systems have been moved between many IT providers and systems, and the resulting 'stitching' together of piecemeal solutions causes terrible performance and stability issues. Poorly trained personnel can wreak havoc with projects and support costing many multiples of time and money to correct the problems. Distracted management is often too busy running the business to keep an eye on the technical infrastructures that form it's foundations. Disconnected departments such as sales/marketing often put unnecessary and cumbersome restrictions on technical policy causing further lost productivity and revenue. If some or all of this sounds familiar, we can probably help you.

Anaylsis. Why?

It never hurts to have a better understanding of your current position, and that's especially true for your technical infrastructure. We can take an objective, reasoned look at your position, from staff to project plans, from whiteboard to code on screen, and from workshop to hosting facility.

We've saved clients millions of dollars and years of their time by evaluating their current systems, and the systems they propose to build. Sometimes it's good news, sometimes it's bad, but knowing early on is always better than finding out later. Many project managers and development companies simply focus on giving you what you ask for today without doing any planning for what you might need tomorrow. In many cases, if it compiles and deploys, they get paid. If it crashes a month down the line, your company gets billed again. Stopping such costly practices and helping companies develop long term plans is one of our specialties.

Design. What?

We design really good, reliable software. We have to, because we use it ourselves. All of our managers, designers and developers are chosen because they have designed real world software that they have actually had to operate and use daily themselves in their own jobs and businesses. We don't take shortcuts just to deliver, we simply deliver a solid, well thought out design after working closely with your staff and customers.

Over the years, we have done more than our fair share of designing software. Today, the Internet is everywhere and it brings untold flexibility and power. It also brings many traps for the un-prepared and in-experienced companies. We have software design experience in many industries and can help guide you through the maze. Of special note are solutions that attempt to 'clean-up' existing piecemeal solutions. Such solutions require careful design and planning. Nicey has extensive experience in upgrading, transitioning and layering of these problems.

Implementation. Who?

When you're ready to implement your vision, you have many choices. You can utilize your in-house resources which we can augment, you can outsource which we can manage, you can utilize our teams of experienced developers directly, or any combination of these applications. At Nicey, we don't believe in throwing cheap programmers at a specification and then waiting patiently. We typically involve our developers in your analysis and design, and make sure that they understand your corporate goals. We value development feedback as part of the software development process, and work hard to put development teams together that are part of the whole solution.

Support. Where?

Implementation is only half of most companies’ real world problems. Once launch day has come and gone, the real work starts in supporting the company and it's growth. We provide support of everything from call center customer support, to 24/7 mission critical system support. We not only support the hardware and software we worked with you to build, we support the people who use it and the evolution of that system as the company grows.