Analysis and Design

Many times we take on clients who have either exhausted their current technical resources, or more often who have been burned by other technical companies. If you find yourself in a position where your technical infrastructure is being managed by a company or individuals that you cannot rely on, or even trust any longer and you feel trapped, we can usually help.

The Easy Way


Thankfully most technical companies (and individuals) are honest and straightforward and we are able to assist in the same way. Most small projects are poorly documented (if at all), have little planned security, usually have no disaster recovery, rarely have a backup plan and are being developed and operated upon in a live mission critical environment.

Working with your existing team, we are able to quickly and easily lend resources to your specific situation, and document and understand the position of the current system so that informed choices can be made.

The Hard Way


Unfortunately, sometimes the entrenched technical entity has emotional and/or financial motivations to not cooperate with the analysis process. In these cases a more political approach has to be taken making sure that as much information can be gathered without tipping any balances. We are extremely discrete in these situations and can almost always achieve a good system analysis without ruffling any feathers. Once the business has the information they need to make the difficult decisions ahead, there is usually a sense of relief and at the very least, costs can be managed.

Pieces of the Puzzle

Systems Analysis is the process of taking apart and reassembling a system. Systems are a collection of related, interfacing elements. Understanding how these "pieces of the puzzle" fit together is at the heart of what we do. We apply many industry standard methodologies to the analysis of systems to form an overall comprehensive picture of your situation.