Nicey Enterprise System

NES is a full featured transaction, merchant and client management system. Unlike traditional transaction engines, NES is designed to manage a so-called IPSP environment. It is capable of managing an almost unlimited number of merchants and their respective clients.

NES is loaded with a fully functional customer service suite including a web-based email and communication system. It provides user friendly online tools for operators, merchants and end users to manage their accounts and payments in real-time.

The engine is compliant with all card payment security requirements and operates in all world regions with features such as multiple currency and scrubbing plug-ins for everything from IP geo-location to Verified By Visa.


NES was created in 2007 for the purpose of providing IPSP style billing services to several of the founders other enterprises. We have a rich history in providing software and services to the industry since 1998.

In 1998, we founded one of the first full IPSP companies. Software was custom designed for this single IPSP in-house relying on open source technologies. Around 2003, this software architecture was transformed into a customizable platform suitable for distribution / licensing to other IPSPs. Since then, we have successfully licensed our software to over 10 other IPSP billing companies and have run hundreds of millions of dollars worth of transactions through the software.

In 2007 the software was completely re-engineered using the latest Java technology. The code-base has shrunk significantly while providing greater efficiency and speed on many platforms. It has a stunning hierarchical template engine and uses Hibernate technology which ensures compatibility with most major database vendors.